MAXit Checker
MAXit Checker
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MAXit is a grammar checker on steroids.
What is MAXit?

The MAXit Checker is a software tool that monitors technical texts for compliance to Controlled English or
ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English. The program uses 10,500+ rules and artificial intelligence to check texts for grammar, syntax, style, clarity, consistency and global market acceptance.  Meets S1000D, ATA2200, Mil and other specs.

MAXit marks the possible errors with color-coded messages, interactive suggestions, synonyms and corrections. 

 MAXit and Controlled English  are  ideal tools to write documentation for global users.

How the MAXit Checker works

The MAXit Checker is integrated into most technical writing tools. The writer selects a paragraph, element, selection, page or document  for analysis. The  MAXit grammar engine inserts color-coded messages to show the corrections and suggestions.

Click on the Flash Demo below to see the types of errors and linguistic analysis. Other key features are custom  dictionaries, readability scores, six sigma metrics, temporary dictionary, new terminology reports for the Lexicon Manager and customization.

Click for animated FrameMaker presentation with English narration.

Click for Flash demo


Click for an animated demo.

Click to see MAXit in
in action (HTML). See the colors and grammar messages.


Starter set for MAXit and Controlled English.

Looking for a quick start or proof-of-concept. Ask about our Starter Kit. Includes one full MAXit license, 200+ page,
Writer's guide, starter dictionaries, email support and some dictionary customization. Great value, represents ten years of our R&D and user  experience.

Features and Benefits of the MAXit Checker

  • Measures compliance to Controlled English or
    ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English (Jan, 2010).
  • Makes a fast, interactive critique at seconds per page.
  • Marks common syntactical and grammatical errors (color-coded).
  • Identifies problems before  computer-aided language translation.
  • Reports reading grade scores and comprehension.
  • Marks the nice-to-know versus the need-to-know.
  • Maintains a consistent style of writing within a workgroup.
  • Strengthens a sentence, example,  passive voice to active voice.
  • Forces the writer to use standard terminology and spelling.
  • Reduces sentence length for better comprehension.
  • Creates "new terminology" reports  for  lexicon management.
  • Stores six sigma metrics about the quality of writing.
  • Marks "foggy" phrases and false nomenclature.
  • Allows the writer to make the final edit and word choice.
  • Scans texts for possible Product Liability exposure.
  • Converts English measure to ISO Metric (USA Only).
  • Marks texts for cross-cultural acceptance. See Web Services.
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MAXit Server VersionThis version of the MAXit Checker is designed for global networks and support of MAXit for PTC Arbortext Editor , XMetaL and Altova XMLSpy. Each MAXitServer is Windows service on your server, that can analyze texts from 2 to 30 users.
The result is consistent authoring within workgroups in different parts of the world. The advantage is that the dictionaries and the grammar analysis are shared by all users.  This version has an API to add a grammar checker for CRM and Web 2.0 Java applications. Example, check aircraft maintenance reports or financial databases.

MAXit Versions

Maxit for FrameMaker 7 to 10 MAXit for Adobe FrameMaker 7 to 11.0
MAXit  for FrameMaker is an easy-to-use "plug-in" for Adobe FrameMaker versions 7.0 to 11 The writer selects a paragraph, page or document to make an  interactive grammatical analysis.  Supports DITA.
MAXit reads texts inside FrameMaker including XML. MAXit is a plug-in for desktop, laptop, corporate server. Our Client/Server techniques let you link your dictionaries for global author collaboration.

View FrameMaker screen

MAXit for WORD2000 and WORD2002 all Office XP MAXit for WORD
This version of  MAXit is an "add in" for Microsoft WORD2007/2010/2013.  The MAXit analysis is more powerful than the grammar tool in WORD because MAXit has a better parser with customized rules and dictionaries.
MAXit can also read and write Microsoft Expression Web HTML and files. Link your dictionaries for global collaboration.

View WORD screen.

PTC Arbortext MAXit

Click to see a demo
MAXit for PTC Arbortext Editor
The MAXit for Arbortext Editor Editor uses a small script link the Editor to MAXitServer.  All messages are displayed inside Arbortext
Download .pdf spec sheet.
MAXit offers customization for the  grammar rules, style and syntax. The MAXit on-line Help includes suggestions, synonyms, six sigma and examples. This version requires the MAXitServer.

View Editor screen shot

JustSystems Xmetal MAXit for XMetaL  
The MAXit for XMetaL is a "plug-in" for the JustSystems XMetaL Author. This version reads and navigates all the XML tags. Messages are shown in the text for interactive editing. On-line Help.
The MAXit for XMetaL version links XMetaL clients to the MAXitServer  The MAXit messages are shown in a dialog box. MAXit  never changes the XML structures. Ideal for structured authoring and global collaboration.

View an XMetaL screen.

WebX Systems Logo MAXit for UltraXML Author (XML Editor)
The MAXit for UltraXML version is a "plug-in" for WebX UltraXML Author. Automatic and interactive checking of Simplified and Controlled English texts. 
The MAXit for UltraXML:Author connects to the MAXitServer. Sophisticated grammatical and style errors are highlighted in the code editor during authoring.  This XML editor is easy to use. Ideal for both engineers and technical authors.
View UltraXML screen shot

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