This page has information about the policy for SMART Software Maintenance.


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SMART Software Maintenance

Smart Communications Inc., is the developer and owner of all SMART software programs listed on this website. SMART provides software maintenance through continuous improvement (CI) and Six Sigma programs. SMART offers an optional annual software maintenance program for a fee. Clients can use the maintenance program to update and enhance their SMART software investment. The algorithms for language programs continue to evolve and improve.

The annual maintenance program is offered after the 60-day software warranty. Software maintenance is for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Upgrades and Enhancements

Software maintenance is provided on the following basis:

Software Upgrades. SMART continuously improves its software with new releases that contain algorithm improvements.

Clients who have purchased SMART software maintenance automatically receive all upgrades, subject to the terms and conditions of the software license agreement. (See the MAXit Writer's Guide.)

Technical Support. SMART offers technical support in English, by email, GoToMeeting (remote access) and telephone.

These support services include updates for the product documentation and access to the SMART Technical Support Team.

Technical Support is available for software on Windows 10, Windows 7, Adobe FDK, Webx UltraAuthor, PTC Arbortext Editor, JustSystems XMetaL API and HTML5.


SMART support includes these actions:
• Resolve installation and license problems.
• Advise on correct use of product features.
• Analyze software error messages.
• Identify the source of a technical problem
  and advise on a solution.
• Supply technical information for a
  "workaround" to continue a function.

The primary method of support is by email. SMART software engineers resolve each incident to the satisfaction of the customer. Most problems are resolved within 24 hours.

Software maintenance services do not include on-site customer visits, unless there is an extended service contract. Software maintenance does not include any training or consulting services. Software maintenance does not include assistance with the analysis, design, development of document types, style sheets or software applications.

Information needed for Maintenance

Users include the SMART serial number and company name found on the registry page of each Product Guide. The same information is in an About box.

Lost security keys

The policy for lost SafeNet security keys is either a replacement fee of US$100 per key, or a re-license fee.

Questions and Comments

The SMART MAXit Team welcomes your questions and comments. Use the EMAIL button to send us a message.