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Text Mining is an ideal method to discover and standardize global CAD/CAM engineering and manufacturing terminology.

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SMART Miner Tool

What is the SMART Text Miner?

The SMART Text Miner is a sophisticated software tool that can extract hidden knowledge from legacy texts. This tool is ideal for the creation of terminology lists, taxonomies, glossaries, Knowledge Management (KM), eLearning, Controlled English, Language Translation, Machine Learning, Help Desks, Call Centers, QA/QC, Technical Training, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI) and eDiscovery Litigation Support.

How the SMART Text Miner works

Text MinerThe user gathers files for a subject domain, for example, an aircraft hydraulic system. These files can be in WORD, XML, HTML or .pdf format. The SMART Text Miner reads these files and creates a report that shows the terms in context with frequency and origin. The users review the reports with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to form two lists, valid terminology and synonyms.

The approved lists are linked to the SMART Lexicon Manager for terminology management and use in the MAXit Checker.

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SMART Training Classes

ConsultSMART provides user training classes for the SMART Text Miner. Users do not need experience in advanced linguistics or lexicography.

LexManager LexT The SMART Text Miner is linked to the SMART Lexicon Manager to manage terminology for Controlled English, Simplified Technical English and Plain English dictionaries.

Features of the SMART Text Miner

• An easy-to-use point and click interface.
• A knowledge of linguistics is not needed.
• A STOP LIST removes common terms.
• Ability to mine text after audio mining.
• Ability to link to the Lexicon Manager.
• Multiple files can be processed and
  combined into one report.
• Multiple text formats can be processed.
• A left and right context shows use.
• Mining-at-a-Glance report mode.
• Automatic functions to Harvest terms.
• User can set the number of occurrences.
• The frequency counter shows the
  importance of each term in context.
• All graphics are ignored automatically.
• All typographical format is skipped.
• Software can be programmed to skip fields
  in input text, example, email headers.
• Output reports in .pdf format are shared.
• Ability to assign part of speech codes.
• An interactive view mode avoids paper.
• Results can standardize nomenclature.
• Reports can discover trends through terms.
• Reports can show terms required for
  regulatory agencies, example, warnings.
• On-line help with linguistic examples.
• Ability to search dictionary to validate.
• Ability to search for terms.
• Ideal to find valid abbreviations, labels,
  computer messages, non-English terms,
  trademarks, signal names, acronyms,
  marks, geographical and proper names.
• Reports help eLearning tool developers.
• Reports can show synonyms for SMART
  Controlled English dictionaries.
• Custom reports with headers and footers.
• Reports help translators build word lists.
• Text mining takes days, not months.

SMART Text Mining Service

SMART offers a Text Mining service for smaller projects. The cost is based on the number of input pages, plus a fee to make the linguistic analysis and reports. For best results a minimum of 500-1,000 pages is suggested. Request a Quote.