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pennyA penny a word spent on quality documentation is returned by savings in time and cost for Global customer support.

Industries Served:
Automotive, Autonomous Vheciles, Mining, Aerospace, Banking, Finance, Military, Engineering, Semiconductors, Education, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Telecom, Electronics,
Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals, Railroads, Maritime, Process Control, Government, Oil and Gas, Medical Devices, Quality, Software, Information Technology


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Controlled English
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Plain English

SMART Communications, Inc., offers technical services to develop Controlled English programs. These services include custom programming, glossaries, text mining, dictionary development, language translations, IETMs and electronic publishing with the latest tools.

Custom Computer Programming
The SMART Team has expertise in PTC Arbortext Editor, Adobe FrameMaker FDK, Microsoft WORD API, HTML5, C/C++, C#, Windows, Java, Python, Markdown, Mobile Android, Unix, IBM Linux..

Text Mining Services
TextMiningThe SMART team offers Text Mining as a service to develop custom dictionaries.

Language Consulting for Globalization

The Global ConsultSMART Team offers management consulting services to advise about languages, training for manufacturing, education and cultural barriers. 

The SMART Team provides Machine Translation (MT) and traditional translation service. Languages include French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

IETMSInteractive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)

The SMART Team can convert your printed documentation into XML (Extensible Markup Language) format for digital publishing on Windows and Android tablets.

AuditDocsThe SMART Team has 20+ years of publishing experence. We offer consulting services to survey and audit your publications, then make quality and technology recommendstions.

eLearning Courseware

eLearningThe SMART Team offers contract services to develop eLearning courses for maintenance training. The SMART team includes curriculum developers, writers and graphics specialists. We deliver web-based eLearning that is SCORM compliant.  All texts are written in Controlled English to make the content easy to understand and translate.

SMART Technical Writing Services

The SMART team offers technical writing services to simplify and convert your existing text into Controlled English. Our team specializes in conversion of aerospace texts for Simplified Technical English.

We use our MAXit Checker tool and can later transition for continued customer use.

Writer Training Classes - 2023

training-onsiteOur  experienced instructors can teach Controlled English in three days. SMART offers an instructor-led, on-site Workshop for 6-12 participants.  Request courese outline and a Quote.

SmallMikeSMART offers instructor-led training by GoToMeeting. Classes are limited to 2-5 participants in four 2-hour on-line sessions.

Email a Request for Class outline (button top left).

XML DesignContract Technical Services
If you have XML or S1000D conversions our team accepts short-term or long-term contract Controlled English Technical Writing assignments. Software localization for labels, instrument displays with translations available. Email your specifications to request a quotation.