Here are some SMART ideas from clients who have found success with Controlled English.

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See the MAXit Checker six sigma reports for Quality Control and Readability.


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Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Rail Vehicle Systems, Mining, Aerospace, Banking, Finance, Military, Engineering, Semiconductors, Education, Gaming, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Telecom, Electronics,
Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals, Maritime, Process Control, Government, Oil and Gas, Medical Devices, Software, Information Technology


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Fingerprint Identification Equipment

cross matchCross Match subsidary of HID Global is a leading supplier of fingerprint and biometric devices. The use of Controlled English has reduced their translation costs by 30% through a concise text. They use MAXit for FrameMaker and Robohelp. SMART provides translations from Controlled English into Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese and French to support their growing export sales.

Emerging trends in publishing ...

mobileThe SMART team is always looking for new trends in publishing. We see Text Analytics as the next big idea.

Global Banking and Credit Cards

TSYSTotal System Services, Inc.,
, processes over $1 trillion a year in credit and debit card transactions. The SMART team assisted their publications team to rewrite policies in Controlled English and translate materials into Spanish for Latin America. They use MAXit for PTC Arbortext to error-proof procedural documents for banking affiliates.

New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Albany, NY

nysThe DMV has 15 million registered drivers who speak 170 languages. DMV forms and website are written in Plain English with the help of the MAXit for Word. The legalese is simplified into Plain English, which is translated into other languages. The Plain English improves state-wide customer service.


The OCFS agency promotes the safety of children, families and communities. The SMART team provides OCFS with Plain English tools, including MAXit for Microsoft Word and Visio. SMART developed a Plain English vocabulary for families who have Limited English Proficiency (LEP) needs. These tools are ideal for call center telephony scripts, chatbots and manuals for government agency procedures.

Global Automotive Markets

VisteonVisteon, Michigan, Automotive uses Controlled English to communicate with its factories worldwide. The MAXit for Word software is linked to the IBM DOORS quality tool. The Controlled English provides clarity and accuracy for global engineering specifications.

Global Maritime Electronics

furunoFuruno Electric Co., Japan, supplies global fishing fleets with Fish Finders, Sonar and Radar systems. They use MAXit for FrameMaker and Controlled English to reach global customers who operate ships in many languages.

textronTextron Specialized Vehicles (TSV) uses MAXit for FrameMaker to simplify repair instructions for vehicles sold in 100 countries. The Textron Controlled English improves operator safety and dealer communications, as well as prevents errors.

Energy - Hydrogen Fuel Cells
PlugPower New York State PlugPower, Inc. uses MAXit for Word and Controlled English to write complex hydrogen safety instructions. SMART translates the hydrogen safety instructions into multiple languages.

New Diesel Engines for Light AircraftDeltaHawk

DeltaHawk, Racine, Wisconsin, has a new Diesel engine for light aircraft. SMART provides S1000D XML publishing tools, writer training, MAXit for Simplified Technical English compliance and FAA certification.