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SMART Communications, Inc. offers a Starter Kit that lets companies do a proof-of-concept, then expand the scope on success.

The MAXit Starter Kits include one MAXit Checker license for either Microsoft Word or Adobe FrameMaker. There is a choice of dictionaries, either the aerospace Simplified Technical English (STE) or Plain English (PE). These Starter Kits include a Writer's Guide and email support for 60 days.

The Starter Kit lets the user explore the benefits of Text Simplification on their documentation.

What is missing?

The Starter Kit does not include text mining or Writer Training services. SMART offers a Dictionary Service Pack to add technical terms to the Starter Kit dictionaries through an email service.

Other Services and Tools

For dictionary development, request information about the SMART Lexicon Manager.

SMART offers technical writer training by either a series of Internet sessions or on-site Writers' Workshops.

Aerospace and Military suppliers can request the STE version for ASD-STE100, S1000D and ATA 2200 compliance.

booksThe Starter Kit included a 200-page Writer's Guide that includes these sections.

•  Writers Guide for either Controlled
  English, Simplified Technical English
  or Plain English.

•  The rules of grammar for a
  controlled Language.

•  Quick Reference materials.

MAXit Checker Software

The Starter Kit for the MAXit Checker is a complete license, limited to a single-user model. See Download at top.

The Cost and order information

After the purchase of the first Starter Kit, more licenses can be added at a discount. These licenses share the Starter Kit dictionaries.

SMART accepts payment by company credit card for fast delivery.
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Shipping is by electronic download.

Contact SMART by email for other authoring platforms.