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Classes to write for Translation

SMART offers classes to teach writers how to write in Controlled English for a global audience. Classes offered for Plain English in government. Classes include how to write forms and procedures.

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Controlled English for Translations

EasyButtonThe SMART Team  has 20+ years of experience in the how to write of English for Computer-aided language translation. For example, English-to-Canadian French and English-to-Spanish.

The SMART Team helps companies link Controlled English source texts to computer-aided language translation tools, for example, Microsoft Translator or Amazon Translate.

These tools use Artificial Intelligence to achieve a 95% complete translation. Some minimal human post-editing is always needed for style.

The main benefit of Controlled English is accuracy and consistency of terminology. Controlled English removes embarrassing errors, ambiguity and cultural problems.

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Translations for Websites

web The SMART Team suggests custom dictionaries to guarantee accuracy and cultural acceptance. Visitors return to web sites that are easy to navigate.

The SMART Lexicon MaLexicon Managernager lets users manage the dictionaries and translation equivalents.

MinerTool The SMART Text Miner can identify terminoloy, phrases, abbreviations and other items for a glossary.

Key features of translation from Controlled English and Plain English texts.

  • Controlled English texts create easy-to-understand translations.
  • Controlled English makes Machine Translation (MT) possible. Some post-editing is always needed.
  • Controlled English dictionaries use standardized  terminology, phrases, verbs, adjectives and abbreviations.
  • Controlled English rules allow better verb conjugation, pluralization and agreement in number and gender.
  • Controlled English uses validated equivalents for unique terms. For example, English "junk food" becomes "mal bouffe" in French and "comida chatarra" in Spanish (Mexico). The English word junk is idiomatic.
  • Controlled English reduces cost and time. See Amazon Translate (left).
  • Controlled English automatically removes ambiguity from translation.
  • Controlled English is ideal for reuse of text and translated units.
  • Controlled English works well with Microsoft Help files and DITA files.
  • Controlled English enforces consistency of verbs, terminology and simplicity.
  • Controlled English style suggests bulleted lists for steps and procedures.
  • Controlled English is a better source for complex languages like Arabic and Japanese that use a different alphabet.

On-line Terminology Tool for European Languages.Multilingual

Click the icon to use the interactive European terminology tool. This tool is an excellent resource to match Controlled English to 26 European languages for EU compliance.