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A data sheet that describes how to implement a Simplified Technical English program.

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Simplified Technical English is required by the US Navy (NAVAIR and NAVSEA), USAF, NATO.

Airlines use STE for ATA2200, ATA2300 and S1000D.



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What is Simplified Technical English?

Simplified Technical English (STE) is a controlled language specification published by the European Association of Aerospace and Defense Industries (ASD). The ASD-STE100 specification describes how to write vehicle maintenance manuals in a simplified language that decreases the chance for human error. The STE specification applies to Air, Land, Sea, Space and eVTOL vehicles.

Airbus A320Simplified Technical English is  required for Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM) at Airbus, Textron Aviation, Safran, Boeing, Pilatus, Bombardier, BAE Systems, NATO, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman and other aerospace companies.

maxit Maxit The MAXit Checker analyzes texts against the latest STE specification (Issue 8, July. 2020). The computer analysis reports compliance to the STE writing rules and the core 988-word dictionary. Send us an email for information about how to get a copy of the 300-page STE specification.

cruise shipsSimplified Technical English is mandated by the US Coast Guard and Navy. Clients include Raytheon and BAE Systems.

tanksSimplified Technical English is mandated by the US Army for tanks, recovery and other land vehicles.

Smart Aerospace Clients

Smart PeopleFor 22+ years, consultants from SMART Communications, Inc., have provided the MAXit Checker software, custom dictionaries and writer training to aerospace and defense companies.

Example of ASD-STE100

Click the Demo button to see a text rewritten in Simplified Technical English for the Airbus airliner. The objective is to write clear, concise and unambiguous English for aircraft maintainers.

The demo shows the translation of STE into Modern Standard Arabic.


Starter Kit SK SMART offers a single license Starter Kit which is ideal for proof-of-concept and is easy to expand.

Terminology Management

Lex Manager Lex The Lexicon Manager is an easy-to-use software tool that manages terminology for Simplified Technical English.

dsp dsp For small projects, SMART offers a Dictionary Service Pack (DSP) to add new terms. The updated dictionaries are returned by email within 24 hours.

ASD-STE100 - Writer Training

Our STE instructors have 20+ years of experience. We teach STE with the MAXit Checker in a 2-3 day course, on-site or by Internet. Request our 2022 STE Class Schedule. Each participant receives a Certificate of Completion for Educational Credits.

Conversion Services to S1000D

SMART offers services to convert older format manuals, including MIL 38784, ATA2200 and S1000D. The books are reformatted in XML, rewritten in STE and output to Microosft Word, PTC Arbortext Editor or FrameMaker XML.

(See Controlled English for other industries.)