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The MAXit Checker checks text to a Controlled English dictionary for consistency in global communications.

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"Linguists estimate that there are nearly 7,000 distinct languages spoken on our earth."

One PercentSMART has proven that you can communicate to a technical audience with 1% of the English language.


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What is SMART Controlled English?

The principle of Occam’s razor states that if you simplify explanations, you improve performance, learning and discovery.
A Controlled English vocabulary and simplified grammar creates information that is clear and concise. Controlled English removes ambiguity, confusion and jargon. The use of Controlled English is ideal to standardize communications and messages in the Internet of Things (IoT).

The key principle is ONE WORD - ONE MEANING. Controlled English uses 1% percent of the English language to reach 95% of the readers in 190 countries.

A typical dictionary has approximately 1,200  basic words, plus product terminology for a total of 5,500 to 8,500 terms.

Custom Dictionary Development

textminerThe SMART Text Miner uses text analytics to discover product terminology in context. The SMART Engineers use this tool to design custom, Controlled English dictionaries.

The SMART MAXit Checker

The MAXitMAXit Checker is an application that makes the art of writing with Controlled English easy and fast.

Smart Controlled English Clients

ConsultantsSMART Communications has provided Controlled English software and dictionaries to large and small companies.

A key benefit is the standardization of global engineering terminology. Controlled English is ideal for DITA, PLM, IoT, Help texts, Product Support web sites and computer-aided language translations. See SMART Translator.

Example of Controlled English

Click the Demo button to see a complex telecommunications text rewritten in Controlled English. The objective is to reach technicians at China Mobile with clear, concise and unambiguous technical English.

For example, the adjective higher is defined as "in relationship to the height of an object". The use of rank or order is ambiguous.
Wrong:  Software versions 6.7.9 or higher.
Correct: Software versions 6.7.9 to 6.9.1.


Starter Kit

The SMART Starter Kit is a license of the MAXit Checker that incudes starter dictionaries for a product or service. The Starter Kit is ideal for proof-of-concept and is easy to expand in a corporate network. Click above for information and cost.

Terminology Management

lexmgrThe SMART Lexicon Manager is an easy-to-use software tool that allows users to manage terminology and Controlled English dictionaries for collaborative authoring. For small projects, SMART offers a Dictionary Service Pack (DSP). New terms are sent by email and the updated dictionaries are returned in 24 hours.

Technical Writer Training Classes

Our instructors have many years of experience in the use of Controlled English. On-site or Internet classes are offered.
The participants use the MAXit Checker to learn controlled English in 2-3 days. Send an email to request our 2017-2018 Class Schedule. (Ask about Internet Options).

Each participant receives a Certificate of Completion for Educational Credits.