Smart Product Specifications

All SMART Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2003/XP/Windows 7 and Oracle Solaris 10

SMART Text Miner - see the text mining process, results and ease-of-use. Discover lost knowledge in hours. Also available as service by the page. 8 minutes. Self-running

SMART Lexicon Manager - see how you can add  terms to your Controlled English Dictionaries in seconds. Manage your terminology.  12 minutes.  Self-running.

Looking for a MAXit evaluation download?  Because MAXit uses customized dictionaries, rules, text mining, we offer a FREE QuickLook on your text with a viewer tool. Also see "Starter Kits" below.

SMART Communications, Inc.
Corporate Capabilities summary, SMART software and technical services, 2-page specification sheet.
Smart Capabilities BrochureSmart_Capabilities.pdf
CONTROLLED ENGLISH - One-page data sheet. Ideal management summary of our MAXit software,  Text Miner and Writer training. Controlled Englishce_specsheet.pdf
ASD-STE100 SIMPLIFIED  TECHNICAL ENGLISH One-page  summary of the specification. Describes MAXit software and writer training. Download .pdf1 page  (English) SMART_STE.pdf
MAXit for PTC Arbortext Editor  5.x
Specification sheet for  MAXit for Arbortext Editor 5.x. (Windows and Unix Oracle Solaris 10)
Download .pdf 1 page  (English) sm_arbortext.pdf
MAXit FrameMaker
Technical Specifications. Hardware and Software requirements. Versions 7. to  (V10.1 2011)
Download .pdf1 page  (English) Smart_FrameMaker.pdf
MAXit Viewer for WORD all versions (Free)
Instruction sheet to install or remove the MAXit Viewer tool supplied with a WORD QuickLook.
Download .pdf(English) word_install_viewer.pdf
MAXit for PTC Arbortext Editor - en español
(Inglés simplificado)
1 pagina Maxit4Arbortext_esp.pdf
(Spanish for Latin America)
MAXit for PTC Arbortext Editor - Mandarin Chinese and Simplified Technical English (STE). (Bilingual) 2 pages smart_china_STE.pdf
MAXit for FrameMaker - Versions 6.0 to 9.0
Specification sheet that describes use of MAXit for FrameMaker (Includes Structured and Unstructured.)
Download .pfd 1 page  (English) MAXit FrameMaker
MAXit for WORD 2003/2007/2010
Specification sheet that describes the use of  MAXit for Microsoft WORD 2003/2007.
Download .pdf 1 page  (English) MAXit for WORD
MAXit for XMetaL 5.x (Author)
Specification sheet that describes MAXit for JustSystems XMetaL. See MAXitServer below.
Download .pdf 1 page  (English) MAXit for XMetaL
MAXitServer Windows for 2003/20008/XP/Windows 7 and Unix Solaris
API for MAXit Checker for Arbortext Editor, XMetaL, UltraXML and XML or  SGML. (See client software above. You need clients and one server.)
Download .pdf 1 page  (English) maxit_arbortext.pdf
40 MAXit Messages
Reference Card -  explains the
40 MAXit Messages  (Visit CE demo.)
Download .pdf1 page  (English) 40 MAXit Messages
SMART Text Miner - V3.0
Specification sheet that describes the text mining process and software.
download .pdf1  page  (English) SMART Text Miner
SMART Lexicon Manager (Option 1)
Specification sheet that describes the dictionary management tool. Windows and Unix Solaris.
Download .pdf1  page  (English) SMART Lexicon Manager
SMART Dictionary Service Pack (Option 2)
Specification sheet that describes how to update the MAXit Dictionaries with an email service.
Download .pdf1  page  (English) Smart Dictionary Service pack
bf_trans215.gif (1199 bytes) Specification sheet that describes the features of the SMART Translator. Download .pdf 1 page  (English) SMART Translator
Controlled English to Arabic
Example of CE translated into Arabic for Training.
Download .pdf 1 page  (English/Arabic) SMARTCE_ARABIC
MAXit for Simplified Technical English. Company capabilities brochure.
Download .pdf 2 pages (English) SMART Simplified English


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