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Learn how to use the SMART Text Miner to build a Controlled English dictionary.

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EasybuttonThe SMART Team offers audit services to examine documentation quality. Let us show you how our AI tools can help to enforce legal compliance, mitigate risks and avoid costly litigation.

The MAXit Checker uses 22,000 AI rules to guide the writer for ease-of-use.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the rapidly emerging computer science that uses computers to improve human cognitive processes.


The SMART AI team has developed multi-domain Controlled English vocabularies that use 22,000 rules of English grammar and syntax. These vocabularies make it possible for humans and machines to communicate. The principle of ONE WORD - ONE MEANING guides technical writers and engineers to write clear, concise and simple instructions.


The SMART AI software uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) rules which gives the user the illusion of computer intelligence.

The MAXit Checker software enforces compliance to the AI rules and custom dictionaries. This software offers the user contextual suggestions and corrections to improve readability and translation.

For example, the MAXit Checker suggests that the ambiguous verb "to perform" be replaced by the simpler verb "to do." These inferences and computer guidance simplify technical texts to avoid human error through misunderstanding. After some linguistic training by subject matter experts, the AI rules become more accurate. The writer always has the last word.

Texts written in Controlled English and assisted by the MAXit Checker are more accurate and easier to read and search.

Highlights of the SMART AI tools

• SMART AI Engine is written in Microsoft
  C/C++ and C# for fast text analysis.
• SMART AI Engine has a tagged architecture
  that improves text search results.
• SMART AI Engine links to tools like IBM
  WatsonX and Microsoft Cognitive Services.
• SMART AI rules are easy to maintain
  with the SMART Lexicon Manager tool.
• SMART AI uses Controlled English rules to
  navigate the 13 million words in the
  English language.
• SMART AI Engine uses Machine Learning
  (ML) to continuously improve the analysis.
• SMART AI Engine uses linguistic algorithms
  developed from 20+ years of AI research.
• SMART Team offers dictionaries for
  Healthcare, Financial Systems, Aviation,
  Aerospace, Construction and Mining
  Equipment, Semiconductor Equipment,
  Oil and Gas Equipment, Software
  Engineering, Satellite Network Control, Law
  Enforcement Biometrics, Insurance Claims,
  Finance, Medical Devices, Telephony,
  Customer Service and Government
  Administration (Plain English for eGov).
• Build or Buy? Reduced Time-to-Market.
  SMART team can deploy MAXit in 30 days.
• SMART AI Engine has algorithms to detect
  fraud or mark texts for human review.
• SMART MAXit Checker offers instant text
  analysis to guide writers for simplicity.
• SMART AI uses the SMART Text Miner
  to discover lost knowledge.
• SMART AI Engine can understand some
  spoken English through the Microsoft
  and Amazon Voice-to-Text algorithms.
• The SMART AI Engine understands verb   negation and conjugation, text ambiguity,
  and other sophisticated linguistic items.
• The SMART AI Engine uses fuzzy logic
  algorithms to detect ambiguous English.
• The SMART AI Engine ranges from one
  desktop to enterprise and global use.

The SMART AI Engine is NOT DESIGNED for poetry, prose, literature or your novel.

SMART AI Software and Services

Consult The SMART AI tools can integrate into publishing systems through Application Program Interfaces (APIs), including ChatGPT, IBM WatsonX, Chatbots and AI software. Request a quote.