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Download a .pdf sample that shows text simplification by the MAXit Checker.

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MAXit Checker Versions

Maxit Versions

StarterSMART offers a single license Starter Kit. Ideal for proof-of-concept.

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Maxit CheckerThe MAXit Checker is an intelligent grammar checker designed for Technical Writers and Engineers. The software uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify grammatical errors and simplify the English. The benefits are clarity, readability, usability, standardization and translatability.

How the MAXit Checker Works

The MAXit Checker is a plug-in to Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio and PTC Arbortext Editor. The MAXit program reads the text and displays suggestions and grammar corrections. A right-click menu makes text editing fast and efficient.
Click Download to see an example.

The MAXit Checker can navigate complex XML, SGML and HTML files. For collaborative authoring, one set of dictionaries is shared by all writers from a central server.

All versions use the same set of 40 color-coded messages that represent 19,000 grammar rules. The writer clicks on a highlighted word to see suggestions and corrections. The writer always has the final word. Click Download button above.

Terminology Management

lexmgr lex For large projects, SMART offers the SMART Lexicon Manager to add custom terminology in seconds.

This easy-to-use software adds the linguistic tags to create Artificial Intelligence (AI).

dsp dsp For small projects, SMART offers a Dictionary Service Pack to add terms through an email service.

sigmaThe rules and tags in the dictionaries create high-quality instructions.

Features of the MAXit Checker

• Checks abbreviations in long and short
  form for correct capitalization style.
• Makes full-sentence grammatical analysis.
• Processes text by element, text selection,
  paragraph, page, table cell or document.
• Suggests the best verbs.
• Shows terms NOT FOUND in dictionaries.
• Creates six sigma and readability reports.
• Navigates hypertext links and references.
• Marks adverbs that do not modify verbs.
• Marks nice to know text to remove.
• Marks awkward and complex English.
• Checks sentence length, 21-24 words.
• Displays grammar errors in 40 messages.
• Validates product terminology, including
  trademarks and special company terms.
• Checks text for translatability.

• Checks agreement, noun to verb.

• Marks gerunds (-ing) that cause problems.
• Checks for correct verb negation.
• Ignores preselected <tags> and graphics.
• Navigates HTML, XML and SGML codes.
• Understands the S1000D XML format.
• Marks language that can cause a risk
  of product liability (might, fail safe).
• Suggests word has wrong meaning.
• Matches preferred spelling and style.
• Validates instrument labels to text style.
• Uses a switch to process Controlled
  English, Plain English or Simplified English.
• Identifies problem phrasal verbs.
• Marks wrong suffixes (-ize, -ness) and
  prefixes (non- and un-).
• Finds and marks missing hyphens.
• Marks apostrophes and possessives.
• Identifies and corrects technical jargon.
• Marks missing references, antecedents
  and objects, for example, "it," "they."
• Marks missing commas in clauses.
• Marks all gender pronouns.
• Marks passive voice to convert to active.
• Marks nouns used as verbs.
• Marks word and noun clusters.
• Suggests where to insert articles.
• Shows a list of synonyms in context.
• Validates use of indefinite articles (a, an).
• Includes a Metric Conversion tool.
• MAXit analyzes a page per second.

Poka-yokeMAXit Checker is a Poka-yoke, Japanese for error-proofing tool.

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