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This page has information about how to order and pay for SMART Software and SMART Services.


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Industries Served:
Automotive, Mining, Aerospace, Banking, Finance, Military, Engineering, Semiconductors, Education, Gaming,
Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Telecom, electronics,
Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals, Railroads, Maritime, Process Control, Government, Oil and Gas, Medical Devices, Quality, Software, Information Technology


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How to Order SMART Software

Smart Communications Inc. is based in the USA and prices all software and services in US dollars. There are NO value-added taxes, except for sales within the State of New York. SMART accepts orders and payments from most countries.

SMART software can be ordered for either on-line or air courier delivery. Most SMART software comes with a 200-page printed Writer's Guide in a 6x9 inch (A5) binder.

Step 1: Review the costs from SMART mobileproposal and determine the quantity.

Step 2: Copy the order codes to your Purchase Order form and add the quantities.

SMART Order Table

Code Description
MAXITFM MAXit for Adobe FrameMaker
MAXITWD MAXit for Word
MAXITAB MAXit for PTC Arbortext Editor
MAXITXM MAXit for XMetaL Author
MAXITUA MAXit for WebX UltraAuthor
LEXMGR SMART Lexicon Manager
DICTPK Dictionary Service Pack (DSP)
STARTKW MAXit Starter Kit - Word
STARTKF MAXit Starter Kit - FrameMaker
TRAIN Writer Training Class - (Prepaid)
SERVICES Technical Writing, Programming and other services

Methods of Payment


SMART accepts other currencies that are converted into dollars through our global bank HSBC USA.

Wire Transfers

The SMART quotation has our banking information including ABA Number, SWIFT Number, Bank address and branch. SMART issues a receipt in .pdf format. This method is secure and preferred for global sales.

Companies can also use ACH payments.

Credit Cards

SMART accepts payment by Credit Cards. This method is secure and information is not sent over the Internet. Information is handled by secure .pdf. There are no security problems. Card information is destroyed after a payment.


SMART has an active and secure account at PayPal. SMART can issue a PayPal invoice.

SMART accepts corporate checks.

Privacy laws are respected and data security guaranteed. We can send .pdf confirmation of receipt for your records.